Quality of Life and Your Healthcare Choices

Health changes can happen suddenly or they might develop over a long period of time.

Often these changes are overwhelming and feel like they might literally sweep you away. Staying focused on client strengths and desires, I support both the client and their family members when facing the challenges and difficult choices that threaten to overwhelm you. I will walk with you across the bridge to a new understanding of life’s changes.


Chronic diseases like Dementia, Diabetes, Heart or Kidney Disease, COPD, or Cancer can be confusing and they all deserve a specialized approach. When there are questions about the disease and how it affects the body, I listen to your concerns and answer your questions while working closely with your physician to help you manage your health in positive ways.

No matter what health challenge you face, there are always options for care and treatment. I believe in excellent symptom control for high quality of life – each and every day. Exploring options is important for your well being. Making informed choices allows you to build the best path for your life. All of life’s stages are valuable and excellent quality of life is the goal.

older couple walking rectangle

With deep sensitivity, I encourage you to think about what you do or do not want to happen at a given stage of your life. It is also important to decide whom you want involved in making decisions for you in case of serious illness. I can facilitate those all-important conversations with my elder client, their loved ones, and their healthcare providers. These conversations can be a gift to everyone involved.