Life Changes Care Management™ serves Fort Collins and surrounding areas in Northern Colorado.

Care Management is a set of services that help people facing challenges in the care needs of another person. These services are often helpful to families with disabled, aging, or chronically ill individuals. The goal of these services is to alleviate stress, provide helpful resources, and make sure that the highest quality of care is provided while promoting independence.

Geriatric, Aging, Elder, Disability Care Management in Fort Collins, CO

These services are helpful if you find yourself in any of these situations:

  • You work full time and have your own family to take care of. You’ve taken time off of work to help your parents, but you can’t be with them every day. You love them but are exhausted and frustrated. You wonder what services are available and who can help you care for them?
  • You’ve been diagnosed with a serious disease and already see it is changing your life. Do you need help learning how to cope and plan for your new future?
  • You question whether your loved one should be taking so many pills. You go to the doctor appointments with them but don’t feel like they listen to your concerns and questions.
  • How do you help your partner who was just diagnosed with cancer and advocate for him when speaking with the doctors about treatment?
  • Your mom is in the hospital and they are asking you to make decisions for her. You have never had to do this before and are wondering if you are allowed to do this? How do you decide what to do?
  • Your dad has dementia and your mom, who was caring for him, died unexpectedly. Family members disagree about what to do next. What is best for your dad and how can your family work together, to make this happen?
  • Grandma gets confused and isn’t taking her medications correctly. She fell 3 times last week and was taken to the emergency room. Is it still safe for her to live alone?

Call 970-999-5169 today and learn how Life Changes Care can partner with you to bring you peace of mind. Giving yourself permission to ask for help is the first step to easier and more informed caregiving!

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